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Community Access Television is a wonderful resource.  Residents, organizations and businesses of the tri-towns are eligible to become members of ORCTV.  Membership includes training classes in video production and accessibility to video equipment & facilities such as camcorders, editing and studio. Equipment and facilities are available for the production of programs of interest and benefit to members.  Membership applications are available on our web site or at our studio




Before using the Media Center at ORCTV, the scheduling of channel time or operation of any equipment, all persons (producers and volunteers including minors and their parents) are required to attend an orientation session, read the ORCTV Policies and Procedures and sign a Statement of Compliance Form.  This will give members an overview of ORCTV and PEG access television.

Membership fees are $5.00 during your first year of involvement at ORCTV.  Residents, individuals, families, institutions and organizations who reside in the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester Massachusetts can freely participate. Membership fees are $75.00 a year for any non-resident, business or corporation in the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester Massachusetts.



Video Games.


Upon completion of a membership application, attending the ORCTV orientation and paying the annual membership fee, membership is open to:

  • Residents of the in the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester Massachusetts.

  • Any legal non-profit organization, governmental entity, or institution with an office located in the in the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester Massachusetts.

  • Any person who is an employee or member of such non-profit organization or institution and who is in agreement with the objectives of ORCTV and is involved in a production on behalf of the non-profit organization or institution.

  • Students, employees, and faculty of any accredited learning institution located within the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester Massachusetts, or the local school district’s jurisdiction including tri-town students who attend Old Colony or Upper Cape.

  • Businesses for profit with headquarters in the tri town area.

  • Non-residents within a 10 mile radius of ORCTV Studios

Film Score.


As an active member in good standing you will be eligible to:

  • Enroll in ORCTV training workshops

  • Utilize ORCTV facilities and equipment

  • Schedule programs on an ORCTV access television channel.

  • Able to vote during ORCTV’s annual meeting

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